The beauty is everywhere. It's up to you to find it. Fashion? It is a way to express yourself. A way to show people who you really are. A way to be you, beautiful you. Running? It is way to find yourself and who you truly are. The beautiful person that you are.

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Honor You


When you’re hungry EAT.

When you’re in the mood for chocolate EAT.

When you’re tired REST.

When you’re lost ASK FOR HELP.

When you’re in love SMILE.

When you hurt CRY.

When you’re happy LAUGH.

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waterfallslove:Kakwa Falls, Alberta Waterfalls Love

Stopped by a leather making shop in #Peten during my assignment in #Guatemala. Phone photo by @stephsinclairpix (Stephanie Sinclair). #hats #sombrerosycinchos #calidad by natgeo